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Fertility Testing in San Diego

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Fertility Testing for Women in San Diego

San Diego women can help maximize their chance of achieving success in the shortest time necessary with comprehensive fertility testing. If you are aged 35 or under and have been trying to get pregnant for one year, you should seek the assistance of a fertility doctor. Women over age 35 who have not conceived in six months should also see a fertility doctor.

What fertility hormones will be tested?

Hormones such as estrogen (estradiol E2), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) can answer questions about female fertility, such as egg quality and quantity. For men, a semen analysis can provide critical information on sperm motility or morphology.

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Ovarian Function Test

Ovarian function is assessed via transvaginal ultrasound and blood work with AMH, day 3 FSH, and estrogen levels estimate egg reserve. With a transvaginal ultrasound, your provider can determine your follicle count (another factor of egg reserve) and notice abnormalities in the ovaries.

If your periods are irregular, your Pearl provider will check your thyroid function (TSH), prolactin, 17-hydroxyprogesterone (17-OHP), androgens, and insulin resistance markers.

Uterine Cavity Test

Your uterus may be evaluated via transvaginal ultrasound, saline sonogram, or hysterosalpingogram (HSG). Transvaginal ultrasound can detect uterine abnormalities, including fibroids, and provides information on the shape of the uterus. A saline sonogram shows the interior of your uterine cavity, identifying issues such as scar tissue, polyps, or problematic fibroids. An HSG test is performed to determine if your fallopian tubes are blocked.

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Male Fertility Testing in San Diego

Sperm is assessed with a semen analysis and anti-sperm antibody test. Partners collect their samples in the office. Pearl specialists assess ejaculate volume and sperm motility, shape, and concentration. For patients needing donor sperm, we will help you identify sperm banks and coordinate shipping the sperm to Pearl.

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