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Fertility Treatment for Single Individuals

fertility treatments for single women and men

Single by Choice


Individual women looking to build their family can do so via intrauterine insemination (IUI) or mini IVF. Both IUI and mini IVF can use an anonymous or a known sperm donor depending on your preference. Additionally, Pearl Mini-IVF works with several national embryo donation programs and will help you through the embryo adoption process.

Individual men looking to build their family can proceed similarly to our male couples by identifying or selecting either an egg or embryo donor, as well as a gestational carrier. The need for gestational carriers means that agency fees, third party fees, and legal contracts need to be a part of your treatment plan. Fortunately, your team at Pearl Mini-IVF will walk you through each step of the process making sure that everything is in order to start building your family.

Fertility Options for Single Individuals

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