What is Mini IVF?

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Mini IVF

A.K.A. Mini-Stim IVF, Micro IVF, Low Stim IVF

Mini IVF is a specialized type of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) that uses minimal amounts of hormone stimulating medication to achieve a more natural response from the ovaries. This gentle but targeted approach results in a smaller cohort of higher quality eggs and improved chances for a healthy pregnancy.

A Gentler Approach

The most significant difference between traditional IVF and mini IVF is the amount of hormone-stimulating medications. Less aggressive ovarian stimulation leads to fewer cycle-monitoring visits, fewer injections, and fewer blood draws.

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Customized for Your Needs

Once the eggs enter our state-of-the-art Embryology lab, the traditional processes of quality assessment, fertilization, maturation, and cryopreservation are conducted with identical precision and care to that of traditional IVF.

All of these benefits lead to significantly decreased costs that we are able to pass on to our patients, making Pearl Mini-IVF the most affordable IVF option in San Diego.


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