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Diet & Nutrition Counseling for Infertility

fertility diet and nutrition

Healthy Goals

Evidence-based health and nutrition counseling

At Pearl, we offer evidence-based health and nutrition counseling because there is no doubt that optimal nutrition and an overall healthy diet are important to help your body successfully handle any medical treatment. When it comes to mini IVF, IUI, or any other fertility treatment, diet and nutrition appear to be especially important.

The Importance of a Healthy Diet

Years of research and evidence have shown that a healthy weight is important to help regulate your hormone balance, and therefore crucial when it comes to your natural fertility.

It is not only about maintaining a healthy weight, however. Our diet and nutrition counselors will explain why nutrition is so important both for fertility and to support a healthy pregnancy.

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Fit for Fertility

Our diet and nutrition counselors will review your history and treatment plan and then advise on which food groups you should ideally be making the most of, and which ones are best avoided.

We also offer advice on other essential issues around fertility and pregnancy, such as the role of Co-Q10, biotin, and folate. Ask your care team for more information on our diet and nutrition program.

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